Art Therapy Workshop for Intention Setting 2019

By 17 November, 2019
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Art Therapy Workshop for Intention Setting 2019

Date & Time
Sunday 17th Nov 2019
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Inspired Creative Living Art Therapy


Art Therapy Workshop for Intention Setting 2019

“Therapy on the Deck”

Begin the year intentionally.

Our intention is the starting point for every dream and desire we have. Our intention has the power to shape our lives and holds the power for us to change our life as well.

This workshop is not a “manifesting” workshop limited to creating a vision board and putting it on our bedroom wall and “wishing” and “hoping” for the day these things will manifest in our lives.

This FIRST of our monthly INTENTION SETTING WORKSHOPS intends to explain and capture your curiosity about the magnitude of benefits in setting clear intentions, daily, weekly, monthly and over the course of the whole of 2019.

Intentions may include things such as paying down debt, saving for a car/house/surfboard, spending more time with family, giving yourself time out, beginning study, making changes in personal boundaries, changing our thoughts to more positive ones, loving more and hating less, eating more in line with your body’s needs, stopping smoking or drinking alcohol, YES, generally anything that you establish as your goals and desire to achieve for the year 2019.

Can you name it in one word? Is there a burning desire to achieve, complete, begin, explore during the coming year? Is there something you have wanted to do and not done yet in your life? How would you like 2019 to end?

You will complete art directives using different types of art media, such as paints and collage, worksheets, art journaling, written journal prompts, mindfulness techniques. You do not need to have any art experience. It is not about the end product but about the journey of the process in making the art.

COST: the cost is $25 per monthly session. Booking is essential. Please phone or email to book in and make payment. Book and pay for 12 months and only pay for 10 sessions. Credit cards payments are available.

INCLUSIONS: Everything is included. All art materials are supplied. You may bring along your own visual art journal. This will be discussed at your first workshop. Morning tea is supplied along with tea and coffee and juice and water. Please bring along a paint apron and/or wear old cloths.

TIMES and DATES: We will meet monthly with our first workshop on Sunday the 27th January between 10 am and 12 pm. You may come to one or all workshops, but it would be essential for you to attend the first one. The intention of meeting monthly is to grow your personal habit of constant intention setting and to support one another and cheer one another on in our endeavors’.

The yearly schedule is below:
27th January
17th February
18th March
14th April
19th May
23rd June
21st July
18th August
15th September20th October
17th November
15th December (Break Up Celebration)

WHERE: At “Therapy on the Deck” at 34 Van Hensbroek Road, Bauple, and hosted by Wendy House of Inspired Creative Living Art Therapy.

CONTACT: Please call me to ask questions and to put your name down to attend the first workshop. You can decide after the first one if this is something you wish to continue throughout the year.

Phone: 0449 037 011

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