Community Arts Project: Harvest bamboo

By 16 September, 2019
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Community Arts Project: Harvest bamboo

Date & Time
Monday 16th Sep 2019
5:00 pm

Fraser Coast Tourism and Events

Hervey Bay

Community Arts Project: Harvest bamboo

Fraser Coast Tourism and Events and Cave Urban, in conjunction with the Fraser Coast Regional Council proudly presents “Bliss”.

This historic art piece will be officially unveiled in October at the World Whale Conference 2019. This is the first time this prestigious, international event has been hosted in Australia, and this art piece hopes to shine a spotlight on our local region and further emphasize Hervey Bay as one of the most important places in the world for humpback whales.

This is a community arts project that we encourage all ages to be apart of. From the harvesting of bamboo to the physical construction, we want you to be involved every step of the way in this exciting, historical event.

“The moment a baby Humpback calf is born somewhere in warm waters off North Queensland, it comes out tail-first
and swimming, weighing about as much as a family car and suckling up to 600 litres of mother’s milk per day. The pair stick close together as they begin a 5000km journey south to Antarctica. With not even a quarter of this maiden
voyage completed, they cruise into the warm embrace of this giant north-facing bay and stay for weeks. For mother
and young, we see in their exuberant displays of breaching and tail-slapping that this not simply a crucial time for
gaining strength and skills, it is also a blissful one. We are lucky to be able to witness it. If there is a place that could
be described as sacred in the 50-year, million-kilometre lives of Queensland Humpbacks, surely this is it.”

How to get involved:
You can help Cave Urban create “Bliss” by volunteering to help harvest bamboo for the construction of the sculpture.

We will be harvesting bamboo from the Hervey Bay region on Monday 16th to Friday 20th September.

Please write to if you are interested in getting involved.

Why Bamboo?
Bamboo is a giant grass that grows to its full height within a few
months and can be harvested after three years.

Each year, a hectare of bamboo can absorb up to 50 tons of CO2
and by harvesting bamboo we are ensuring that the forest remains
healthy, allowing new poles to grow.

This makes it an excellent material for ephemeral sculpture as by the time the artwork has decayed a new pole has grown to replace the pole that was harvested.

Bamboo is incredibly strong, yet it is also lightweight, which means
that it doesn’t matter how old you are, everyone can help harvesting
and constructing with bamboo.

It is also very flexible and can be split into strips to be woven. This
means that all sort of shapes can be created when you work with

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