Entry level Master Class

By 30 November, 2019
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Entry level Master Class

Date & Time
Saturday 30th Nov 2019
12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Kondari Hotel, Hervey Bay

Kondari Hotel, 49/63 Elizabeth St
Hervey Bay

Entry level Master Class

Pit masters – Chris Davey & Mick Hobson

Guest speakers and sponsors –

Gas Cylinder & Kawungan quality meats

Class – Entry level to low n slow

Proteins – chicken wings hot n fast / pulled pork / lamb shanks / reverse sear tomahawk steaks.

Outline of class

Entry level class is designed for those just starting out looking to start or just help sharpen those basic skills.

With the help from The Gas Cylinder we will cover most style off bbqs on the market.

Or class to help shorten that learning curve and take home a wealth of knowledge.

In the Entry level class we shall be demonstrating how to light your pit / what fuels to use / different smoke woods and pallets.

Not to forget we shall be serving Hot n Fast chicken wings / sticky lamb shanks / chopped pork shoulder and our favourite reverse seared flame grilled tomahawk steaks.

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