Hervey Bay QLD Mushroom to Mushroom Workshop

By 14 July, 2018
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Hervey Bay QLD Mushroom to Mushroom Workshop

Date & Time
Saturday 14th Jul 2018
10:00 am - 12:15 pm

Hervey Bay Neighborhood Centre

22 charles st
hervey bay

Hervey Bay QLD Mushroom to Mushroom Workshop

Join Urban Kulture in their never ending tour of Australia as they bring you a wonderful presentation and hands-on skill development in gourmet mushroom cultivation… Learn how to grow your own Oyster mushrooms as we take you through the steps of mushroom cultivation, with a focus on using urbanly available waste products all in a fun and friendly environment!

Our workshop covers the production of mushrooms using non sterile techniques. You will learn about all the steps involved in mushroom production, from making cultures, to creating spawn and fruiting substrates. We will teach you to create your own cultures using nothing but waste stem butts from fresh mushrooms, and how to make mushroom spawn from recycled paper pellets and fruiting blocks using five different urbanly available substrates: Cardboard, Paper Pellets, Hardwood Pellets, spent coffee grounds and straw!!

We will also demonstrate how to make your own shiitake logs for easy long term mushroom cultivation!


– Presentation on mushrooms including the life cycle, cultivation cycle, growing conditions, substrate creation and how to care for your mushrooms.

– Course materials emailed to you for simple repetition of the work we do on the day.

– 1 x Bag of low tech oyster mushroom spawn capable of being expanded to make up to ten fruiting kits. (VALUE $30)

– 2 x Oyster Mushroom fruiting kits that will give you your first crops of delicious oyster mushrooms within weeks of doing the workshop. (VALUE $50)

– Shiitake log inoculation demonstration

– Lifetime membership to the ‘Urban Kulture’s School of Fungal Wizardry’ group on Facebook for ongoing support and education in your mushroom cultivation journey (VALUE $$$ PRICELESS)

Ticket Price is only $95!

Urban Kulture is touring around the country with this beginners workshop and will be in town for one day only. This is easily the best value mushroom cultivation workshop in Australia so don’t miss out!!

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