Reece Low Halloween Party

By 26 October, 2019
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Reece Low Halloween Party

Date & Time
Saturday 26th Oct 2019
10:00 pm

Criterion Hotel, 98 Wharf Street, Maryborough

Criterion Hotel, 98 Wharf Street

Reece Low Halloween Party

Renowned musical mecca Melbourne, Australia has the reputation for delivering some of the most formidable and talented musical artists that has taken the world by storm. When they created Reece Low, they gave him that extra bit of something special.

Reece Low has trail blazed his way through the ranks to transform from kid with potential to one of Australia’s most prominent and well-respected artists. An unrivalled combination of production finesse, DJ ability, and persona has created the Reece Low that is now found jet setting around the globe, delivering his upfront club sound to packed dancefloors throughout Australia, Europe, North America & Asia.

It is all guns blazing as Reece continues to leave a trail of bomb records, dance floor destruction, and an ever-growing dedicated fan base of the Reece Low army.

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