Studio Practice with Akos

By 10 September, 2019
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Studio Practice with Akos

Date & Time
Tuesday 10th Sep 2019
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Fraser Coast Art Gallery and Academy

9/17 Luizzi Street
Hervey Bay

Studio Practice with Akos

Still life painting / drawing
Portrait painting / drawing
Fundamentals of perspective drawing
Life Drawing, artistic anatomy, study drawing

This class is aimed from complete beginners to more experienced artists wishing to push their practice further. Without an understanding of anatomy, perspective, composition, proportion, simple shapes, basic colour theory, structure of the human face etc. your drawings and paintings will always feel like there’s something wrong. There is no “Quick fix” or Short cuts to proper drawing skills.
J. D. Ingres said: drawing is the probity of painting. The goal of this workshop is to teach you both the strategic thinking and techniques that great master artists have utilised for centuries.
This workshop is highly recommended for artists who wish to elevate their artistic skills. Akos provides an opportunity for artists of all levels and styles to benefit from his 20 plus years of experience, both as a professional artist and as an instructor at the Hungarian University of Art & Design.
He believes that the way art is taught today limits all but the most precociously talented and clever from succeeding. Unfortunately, many artists with great potential are thwarted because they are not provided with the proper understanding and training.
This class is based on focusing on building a stronger foundation in traditional study drawing and painting.

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