December 2019 / January 2020

Hervey Bay

The Beach House Hotel

Beach House – Jade Holland

Fri 29, 9pm, R&B Friday
Sat 30, 9pm, Swarm
Sun 1, 2.30pm, Derek Smith


Thurs 5, 7.30pm, Open Mic
Fri 6, 9pm, R&B Friday
Sat 7, 9pm, Uncle Arthur
Sun 8, 2.30pm, Frank Benn

Thurs 12, 7.30pm, Open Mic
Fri 13, 9pm, R&B Friday
Sat 14, 9pm, Doug & the Upper Hand
Sun 15, 2.30pm, Bobby Barnes

Thurs 19, 7.30pm, Open Mic
Fri 20, 9pm, R&B Friday
Sat 21, 9pm, Red Betty
Sun 22, 2.30pm, Jade Holland Solo

Thurs 26, 7.30pm, Open Mic
Fri 27, 9pm, R&B Friday
Sat 28, 9pm, Dogwood Crossing
Sun 29, 2.30pm, Derek Smith

Tue 31, 9.00pm, New Year’s Eve Party
Huge Mid Night Fireworks Display
Uncle Arthur in the Main Bar – DJs upstairs


Thurs 2, 7.30pm, Open Mic
Fri 3, 9pm, R&B Friday
Sat 4, 9pm, Red Betty
Sun 5, 2.30pm, Bobby Barnes

Thurs 9, 7.30pm, Open Mic
Fri 10, 9pm, R&B Friday
Sat 11, 9pm, Doug & the Upper Hand
Sun 12, 2.30pm, Doug Edwards

Thurs 16, 7.30pm, Open Mic
Fri 17, 9pm, R&B Friday
Sat 18, 9pm, Fading Echo
Sun 19, 2.30pm, Rick Manych

Thurs 23, 7.30pm, Open Mic
Fri 24, 9pm, R&B Friday
Sat 25, 9pm, V.I.Party
Sun 26, 2.30pm, Harley Meszaros

Thurs 30, 7.30pm, Open Mic
Fri 31, 9pm, R&B Friday

Hervey Bay RSL – Tina Turner Show



Fri 6, 12pm, Quinn
Fri 6, 6pm, Dust Duo
Sat 7, 8pm, V.I.Party
Fri 13, 12pm, Trevor Judge
Fri 13, 6pm, Rick Manych
Sat 14, 8pm, Uncle Arthur
Tues 17, 11am, Morning Melody with Scott Dann. $5 members, $7 n/m.
Fri 20, 12pm, Trevor Judge
Fri 20, 6pm, Frank Benn
Sat 21, 8pm, Forbidden Road
Sat 21, 8pm, Tina Turner Show. $25 members, $30 n/m.
Fri 27, 12pm, Trevor Judge
Fri 27, 6pm, Sam Maddison
Sat 28, 8pm, Unfinished Business
Sun 29, 12pm, Check website
Tue 31, NYE – 6.30pm, Frank Benn & Rick Manych Duo
Tue 31, NYE – 8.30pm, Rolling Stones Tribute Show. $30 members, $35 n/m.


Fri 3, 6pm, Pete Baker
Sat 4, 8pm, V.I.Party
Fri 10, 6pm, Check website
Sat 11, 8pm, Bad Attitude
Sun 12, 7.30pm, Jimeoin – Ramble On Tour. $44
Tues 14, 11am, Morning Melody with Steve Hill’s Pommie Pub Show. $5 members, $7 n/m.
Fri 17, 6pm, Frank Benn
Sat 18, 8pm, Red Betty
Fri 24, 6pm, Dean Gray
Sat 25, 8pm, Doug and the Upperhand
Sun 26, 12pm, Check Website
Fri 31, 6pm, Jon Vea Vea



Fri 5, 6pm, Check Website
Sat 6, 8pm, V.I.Party
Sun 7, 1pm, Matt Barker
Fri 13, 6pm, Pete Baker
Sat 14, 6pm, Frank Benn
Sun 15, 1pm, Liana McKay
Fri 20, 6pm, Sam Maddison
Sat 21, 6pm, Rick Manych
Sun 22, 1pm, Doug Edwards
Fri 27, 6pm, Kodey Brims
Sat 28, 6pm, Bevan Spiers
Sun 29, 1pm, Dean Gray
Tues 31, NYE, 8pm, Trainwrecks


Fri 3, 6pm, John Vea Vea
Sat 4, 6pm, Check Website
Sun 5, 1pm, Rick Manych
Fri 10, 6pm, Check Website
Sat 11, 6pm, Matt Barker
Sun 12, 1pm, Matt Barker
Fri 17, 6pm, Doug Edwards
Sat 18, 6pm, Bevan Spiers
Sun 19, 1pm, Sam Maddison
Fri 24, 6pm, Ethan Jones
Sat 25, 6pm, Phil Morgan
Sun 26, 1pm, Dean Gray / 7.30pm Frank Benn Trio
Fri 31, 6pm, Rick Manych



Fri 6, 6pm, Ed’s Son
Sat 7, 6pm, TBC
Fri 13, 6pm, Liana McKay
Sat 14, 6pm, Sam Maddison
Fri 20, 6pm, Bevan Spiers
Sat 21, 6pm, Frank Benn
Fri 27, 6pm, Ricky Manych
Sat 28, 6pm, Dean Gray
Tues 31 NYE, 6pm, Ed’s Son


Fri 3, 6pm, John Vea Vea
Sat 4, 6pm, John Corowa
Fri 10, 6pm, Sam Maddison
Sat 11, 6pm, Pete Baker
Fri 17, 6pm, Rick Manych
Sat 18, 6pm, Frank Benn
Fri 24, 6pm, Phil Morgan
Sat 25, 6pm, Dean Gray
Sun 26, 4pm, Doug Edwards
Fri 31, 6pm, Bevan Spiers

Hervey Bay Boat Club – Derek F Smith



Fri 6, 5.30pm, Trevor Judge
Fri 6, 8.00pm, Red Betty
Sat 7, 5.30pm, Derek Smith
Sat 7, 8.00pm, Red Betty
Sun 8, 1.00pm, Brian Speirs
Sun 8, 6.00pm, Neil Wenck
Fri 13, 5.30pm, Frank Benn
Fri 13, 8.00pm, Brian Speirs
Sat 14, 5.30pm, Trevor Judge
Sat 14, 8.00pm, Forbidden Road
Sun 15, 1.00pm, Brian Speirs
Sun 15, 6.00pm, Neil Wenck
Fri 20, 5.30pm, Radio Star
Fri 20, 8.00pm, Uncle Arthur
Sat 21, 5.30pm, Sam Maddison
Sat 21, 8.00pm, Uncle Arthur
Sun 22, 1.00pm, Brian Speirs
Sun 22, 6.00pm, Neil Wenck
Fri 27, 5.30pm, Vibeke Voller
Fri 27, 8.00pm, Retrospect
Sat 28, 5.30pm, HMC Music Duo
Sat 28, 8.00pm, Retrospect
Sun 29, 1.00pm, Trevor Judge
Sun 29, 6.00pm, Neil Wenck
Tue 31, 12.00pm, Trevor Judge (main lounge)
Tue 31, 5.00pm, Brian Speirs (main lounge)
Tue 31, 6.00pm, Dean Gray (Amaroo Party Cruise)
Tue 31, 8.00pm, V.I.Party (main lounge)
Tue 31, 8.00pm, Jazz with Vibeke Voller & Dan Papirany (Fraser Room cocktail event)


Fri 3, 5.30pm, Sam Maddison
Fri 3, 8.00pm, V.I.Party
Sat 4, 5.30pm, Steve Case
Sat 4, 8.00pm, V.I.Party
Sun 5, 1.00pm, Mood Swings Duo
Sun 5, 6.00pm, Mood Swings Duo
Fri 10, 5.30pm, Frank Benn
Fri 10, 8.00pm, Uncle Arthur
Sat 11, 5.30pm, Sam Maddison
Sat 11, 8.00pm, Brothers in Groove
Sun 12, 1.00pm, Brad Sorensen
Sun 12, 6.00pm, Neil Wenck
Fri 17, 5.30pm, Vibeke Voller
Fri 17, 8.00pm, The Shades
Sat 18, 5.30pm, Derek Smith
Sat 18, 8.00pm, The Shades
Sun 19, 1.00pm, Radio Star
Sun 19, 6.00pm, Trevor Judge
Fri 24, 5.30pm, Frank Benn
Fri 24, 8.00pm, Brothers in Groove
Sat 25, 5.30pm, Frank Benn
Sat 25, 8.00pm, Soul City
Sun 26, 1.00pm, Brian Speirs
Sun 26, 6.00pm, Neil Wenck
Fri 31, 5.30pm, Dean Gray
Fri 31, 8.00pm, Brian Speirs



Sun 1, 12.30pm, Brad Sorensen (Palliative Care Ham Spins)
Fri 6, 7.30pm, Rock n Roll Boys
Sat 7, 8pm, 8 Ball Aitken
Fri 13, 7.30pm, Billy Guy
Sat 14, 7pm, Trevor White
Sun 15, 12.30pm, Trevor White (Xmas Draws)
Fri 20, 7.45pm, Red Betty
Sat 21, 7pm, Just Friends
Fri 27, 7.30pm, Barlight
Sat 28, 7pm, Roger Lewis
Tues, 31, 7.30pm, Rock n Rolla Billy’s (White Theme) $19.95 Per Head



Sun 1, 12pm, Ricky Manych
Fri 6, 8pm, Derek F Smith
Sat 7, 8pm, Shotgun Dup
Sun8, 12pm, Ed’s Son
Fri 13, 8pm, Sam Maddison
Sat 14, 8pm, Ian Murray
Sun 15, 12pm, Ian Murray
Fri 20, 8pm, Bobby Barnes
Sat 21, 8pm, Dogwood Crossing
Sun 22, 12pm, Brentyn Irvine
Fri 27, 8pm, Frank Benn
Sat 28, 8pm, Bradz Rock N Rhythm
Sun 29, 12pm, Doug Edwards
Tues 31, 8pm, Red Betty


Fri 3, 8pm, Kodey Brims
Sat 4, 8pm, Bad Attitude
Sun 5, 12pm, Luke Karolak
Fri 10, 8pm, Doug Edwards
Sat 11, 8pm, Derek F Smith
Sun 12, 12pm, Sam Maddison
Fri 17, 8pm, Bradz Rock N Rhythm
Sat 18, 8pm, Bobby Barnes & Mr Witt
Sun 19, 12pm, Phil Morgan
Fri 24, 8pm, Abby Skye & The Batman
Sat 25, 8pm, TBC
Sun 26, 12pm, Ricoshae
Fri 31, 8pm, Red Betty



Sun 1, 1-5pm, Frank Benn
Fri 6, 8pm, Krazy Karens Karaoke
Sat 7, 9pm, Metal United, Metal night (5 bands)
Sun 8, 1-5pm, Bobby Barnes
Fri 13, 8pm, Krazy Karens Karaoke
Sun 15, 1-5pm, Derek F Smith
Fri 20, 8pm, Krazy Karens Karaoke
Sat, 21, 8pm, Chisel Revived tribute show
Sun, 22, 1-5pm, Ian Murray
Sun 22, 8pm, Queen forever tribute show/touring act
Fri 27, 8pm, 8 Ball Aitken band touring act
Sun 29, 1-5pm, Darren Marlow
Tues 31, 9pm, Phoenix Rising, Pub rock/Pop touring act


Sat 4, 8pm, The Beautiful Girls touring act



Saturday 7th, 10pm, Derek F Smith
Saturday 14th, 10pm, Dave Turner
Saturday 21st, 10pm, Ian Murray
Thursday 26th, 6pm, Derek F Smith, Bonka (DJs) “Boxing Day SummerFest”
Saturday 28th, 10pm, Frank Benn
Tuesday 31st, 10pm, Ian Murray “Roaring 20’s Gatsby NYE”


Saturday 11th, 10pm, Ian Murray
Saturday 18th, 10pm, Ian Murray, Bombs Away (DJs)
Saturday 25th, 10pm, Frank Benn


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