MARCH 2019

Hervey Bay

The Beach House Hotel

Mason Rack Band

Thurs 28, 7.30pm, Open Mic
Fri 1 9pm, R&B Friday
Sat 2 9pm, Uncle Arthur
Sun 3 2.30pm, Harley Meszaros

Thurs 7, 7.30pm, Open Mic
Fri 8 9pm, R&B Friday
Sat 9 9pm, Red Betty
Sun 10 2.30pm, Derek Smith

Thurs 14, 7.30pm, Open Mic
Fri 15 9pm, Mason Rack Band
Sat 16 9pm, Dogwood Crossing
Sun 17 2.30pm, Bobby Barnes

Thurs 21, 7.30pm, Open Mic
Fri 22 9pm, R&B Friday
Sat 23 9pm, Fixxer
Sun 24 2.30pm, Rick Manych

Thurs 28, 7.30pm, Open Mic
Fri 29 9pm, R&B Friday
Sat 30 9pm, Dicky Switch
Sun 31 2.30pm, Frank Benn


Fri 1, 6.00pm, Frank Benn
Sat 2, 8.00pm, Dicky Switch

Fri 8, 12.00pm, Trevor Judge
Fri 8, 6.00pm, Ricky Manych
Sat 9, 7.00pm, Rock ‘n Roll with Zed 28
in Hervey House

Thurs 14, 11am, John Vea Vea in the Sports Bar
Fri 15, 12pm, Trevor Judge
Fri 15, 6pm, Quinn the Radiostar
Sat 16, 8pm, Forbidden Road

Tues 19, 11am, Morning Melody with Danny Mayer from the Deltones. Tickets $5 members, $7 non members. Bookings recommended.
Fri 22, 12pm, Trevor Judge
Fri 22, 6pm, John Vea Vea
Sat 23, 8pm, Doug and the Upperhand
Sat 23, 8pm, Neil Diamond Tribute Show. $20 members, $25 non members. 18+, bookings recommended.

Fri 29, 12pm, Quinn
Fri 29, 6pm, Doug Edwards
Sat 30, 8pm, Shades Band
Sun 31, 12pm, Sam Maddison


Fri 1, 6pm, Sam Maddison
Sat 2, 6pm, Mikayla J
Sun 3, 1pm, Mikayla J

Fri 8, 6pm, Phil Morgan
Sat 9, 6pm, Dean Gray
Sun 10, 1pm, Liana McKay

Fri 15, 6pm, Bevan Spiers
Sat 16, 6pm, Ricky Manych
Sun 17, 1pm, Sam Maddison

Fri 22, 6pm, Doug Edwards
Sat 23, 6pm, Frank Benn Trio
Sun 24, 1pm, Darryl Carr

Fri 29, 6pm, Pete Baker
Sat 30, 6pm, Ricky Manych
Sun 31, 1pm – TBA


Fri 1, 6pm, John Corowa
Sat 2, 6pm, Dale Newberry

Fri 8, 6pm, Bevan Spiers
Sat 9, 6pm, Liana McKay

Fri 15, 6pm, Doug Edwards
Sat 16, 6pm, Pete Baker
Sun 17, 2pm, Bush Boys – St Pats Day

Fri 22, 6pm, Frank Benn
Sat 23, 6pm, Sam Maddison

Fri 29, 6pm, Ricky Manych
Sat 30, 6pm, Dean Gray


Friday 1, 8.30pm, DJ Catastrophic
Saturday 2, 9.00pm, Impale the Heart Heavy Metal Bands night(5 Bands)
Sunday 3, 1.00pm, Bobby Barnes

Friday 8, 8.30pm, DJ Catastrophic
Sunday 10, 1.00pm, Harley Meszaros

Friday 15, 8.30pm, DJ Catastrophic
Sunday 17, 1.00pm, Frank Benn

Friday 22, 8.30pm, DJ Catastrophic
Sunday 24, 1.00pm. Derek F Smith

Friday 29, 8.30pm. DJ Catastrophic
Saturday 30, 8.00pm (Doors), Kissperience tribute show.
Sunday 31, 1.00pm, Ian Murray


Fri 1, 5.30pm, Radio Star
Fri 1, 8.00pm, Brian Speirs
Sat 2, 5.30pm, Trevor Judge
Sat 2, 8.00pm, The Darlington Stripes
Sun 3, 1.00pm, Brian Speirs
Sun 3, 6.00pm, Brad Sorensen

Fri 8, 5.30pm, Neil Wenk
Fri 8, 8.00pm, Cover Girl
Sat 9, 5.30pm, Sam Maddison
Sat 9, 8.00pm, Cover Girl
Sun 10, 1.00pm, Radio Star
Sun 10, 6.00pm, Neil Wenk

Fri 15, 5.30pm, Sam Maddison
Fri 15, 8.00pm, Dicky Switch
Sat 16, 5.30pm, Shaun Beckett
Sat 16, 8.00pm, Dicky Switch
Sun 17, 1.00pm, Trevor Judge
Sun 17, 6.00pm, Neil Wenk

Fri 22, 5.30pm, Sam Maddison
Fri 22, 8.00pm, Smokin Crawdads
Sat 23, 5.30pm, Radio Star
Sat 23, 8.00pm, Smokin Crawdads
Sun 24, 1.00pm, Brian Speirs
Sun 24, 6.00pm, Neil Wenk

Fri 29, 5.30pm, Frank Benn
Fri 29, 8.00pm, Uncle Arthur
Sat 30, 5.30pm, Sam Maddison
Sat 30, 8.00pm, Uncle Arthur
Sun 31, 1.00pm, Steve Case
Sun 31, 6.00pm, Neil Wenk



Fri 1, 8pm, Jon Vea Vea
Fri 2, 8pm, Harley Meszaros

Fri 8, 8pm, Dust
Fri 9, 8pm, Chris Staib

Fri 15, 8pm, Merlin
Sat 16, 8pm, Dave Gray

Fri 22, 8pm, RnB Friday with DJ Skweek
Sat 23, 8pm, Peter Baker

Fri 29, 8pm, Red Dog
Sat 30, 8pm, John Corowa


Fri 1, 7.30pm, Dave Tonks
Sat 2, 7pm, Smooth n Groove
Sun 3, 12.30pm, Brad Sorensen

Thurs 7, 6.30pm, Quinn The Radio Star
Fri 8, 7.30pm, Mirror Image
Sat 9, 7pm, Vintage Vinyl
Sun 10, 12.30pm, John Maloney

Thurs 14, 6.30pm, Quinn The Radio Star
Fri 15, 7.30pm, Barlight
Sat 16, 7pm, Just Friends
Sun 17, 12pm, Billy Guy St Patricks Day Fun

Thurs 21, 6.30pm, Quinn The Radio Star
Fri 22, 7.30pm Dicky Switch
Sat 23, 7pm, Billy Guy
Sun 24, 12.30pm, Brad Sorensen

Thurs 28, 6.30pm, Quinn The Radio Star
Fri 29, 7.30pm The Hemis
Sat 30, 7pm, Roger Lewis
Sun 31, 12.30pm, Roger Lewis


Fri 1, 8pm, Bradz Rock N Rhythm
Sat 2, 8pm, Ian Murray
Sun 3, 12pm, Red Dog
Fri 8, 8pm, Frank Benn
Sat 9, 8pm, Unfinished Business
Sun 10, 12pm, Ian Murray
Fri 15, 8pm, TBA
Sat 16, 8pm The Whiskey Mountain Boys
Sun 17, 12pm, Phil Morgan
Fri 22, 8pm, Chris Staib
Sat 23, 8pm, Abby Skye & Batman
Sun 24, 12pm, John Corowa
Fri 29, 8pm, John Corowa
Sat 30, 8pm, Red Betty
Sun 31, 12pm, David Turner