Hervey Bay

The Beach House Hotel

Beach House – Bobby Barnes

Thurs 31, 7.30pm, Open Mic
Fri 1, 9pm, R&B Friday
Sat 2, 9pm, Red Betty
Sun 3, 2.30pm, Derek Smith

Thurs 7, 7.30pm, Open Mic
Fri 8, 9pm, R&B Friday
Sat 9, 9pm, Uncle Arthur
Sun 10, 2.30pm, Frank Benn

Thurs 14, 7.30pm, Open Mic
Fri 15, 9pm, R&B Friday
Sat 16, 9pm, Dogwood Crossing
Sun 17, 2.30pm, Bobby Barnes

Thurs 21, 7.30pm, Open Mic
Fri 22, 9pm, R&B Friday
Sat 23, 9pm, Fixxer
Sun 24, 2.30pm, Doug Edwards

Thurs 28, 7.30pm, Open Mic
Fri 29, 9pm, R&B Friday
Sat 30, 9pm, Swarm
Sun 1, 2.30pm, Derek Smith

Hervey Bay RSL – V.I.PARTY


Fri 1, 6.00pm, Sam Maddison
Sat 2, 8.00pm, V.I.Party
Thurs 7, 11.00am, Quinn
Fri 8, 6.00pm, Dean Gray
Sat 9, 8.00pm, Trainwrecks
Fri 15, 6.00pm, Frank Benn
Sat 16, 8.00pm, Red Betty
Tues 19, 11am, Melody with Chad Morgan. $5 members, $7 visitors
Fri 22, 6.00pm, Ed’s Son
Sat 23, 8.00pm, Doug & the Upperhand
Sat 23, 8.00pm, Killer Queen. $27 members, $32 visitors
Sun 24, 12pm, Pete Baker
Fri 29, 6.00pm, Jon Vea Vea
Fri 29, 8.00pm, Isaac Butterfield Comedian. $49.95
Sat 30, 8.00pm, Shades Band


Fri 1, 6.00pm, Ed’s Son
Sat 2, 6.00pm, TBA
Sun 3, 1.00pm, Ricky Manych
Fri 8, 6.00pm, Sam Maddison
Sat 9, 6.00pm, Dean Gray
Sun 10, 1.00pm, Doug Edwards
Fri 15, 6.00pm, TBA
Sat 16, 6.00pm, Bobby Barnes
Sun 17, 1.00pm, Dale Newberry
Fri 22, 6.00pm, Bevan Spiers
Sat 23, 6.00pm, TBA
Sun 24, 1.00pm, Liana McKay
Fri 29, 6.00pm, Ricky Manych
Sat 30, 6.00pm, TBA


Fri 1, 6.00pm, Matt Phillips
Sat 2, 6.00pm, Ricky Manych
Fri 8, 6.00pm, Ed’s Son
Sat 9, 6.00pm, Doug Edwards
Fri 15, 6.00pm, Dean Gray
Sat 16, 6.00pm, Frank Benn
Fri 22, 6.00pm, Sam Maddison
Sat 23, 6.00pm, Liana McKay
Fri 29, 6.00pm, Doug Edwards
Sat 30, 6.00pm, Pete Baker

Hervey Bay Boat Club – UK Bee GeeZ


Fri 1, 5.30pm, Trevor Judge
Fri 1, 8.00pm, Cover Girl
Sat 2, 5.30pm, Trevor Judge
Sat 2, 8.00pm, Cover Girl
Tue 5, 10:00am, Dean Gray @ Melbourne Cup Gala
Tue 5, 10:00am, Neil Wenk
Fri 8, 5.30pm, HMC Music Duo
Fri 8, 8.00pm, VIP Party Band
Sat 9, 8.00pm, Annie Jackson Band
Fri 15, 5.30pm, Trevor Judge
Fri 15, 8.00pm, Brian Speirs
Sat 16, 6.00pm, Brian Speirs
Sat 16, 9.00pm, UK Bee Geez – Free Premium Tribute Show
Fri 22, 5.30pm, Radio Star
Fri 22, 8.00pm, Uncle Arthur
Sat 23, 5.30pm, Sam Maddison
Sat 23, 8.00pm, Uncle Arthur
Sat 30, 5.30pm, Vibeke Voller
Sat 30, 8.00pm, Soul City


Fri 1, 7.30pm, Roger Lewis
Sat 2, 7pm, Don Costa
Fri 8, 7.30pm, Graeme Jensen
Sat 9, 7pm, Caesars Rock
Sun 10, 1pm, Sunday Session with ‘The Free’
Fri 15, 8pm, Acca Dacca Presale $20
Sat 16, 7pm, Billy Guy
Fri 22, 7.45pm, Swarm
Sat 23, 7pm, Older & Wiser
Sun 24, 12.30pm, End Of Month Draws with One For The Road
Fri 29, 7.30pm, Smooth and Groove
Sat 30, 7pm, Bad Attitude


Fri 1, 8.00pm, Phil Morgan
Sat 2, 8.00pm, Ian Murray
Sun 3, 12.00pm, Ed’s Son
Fri 8, 8.00pm, Abby Skye & the Batman
Sat 9, 8.00pm, Luke Karolak
Sun 10, 12.00pm, Chasca Thompson
Mon 11, 12.00pm, Doug Edwards
Fri 15, 8.00pm, The Aubergine Machine
Sat 16, 8.00pm, Unfinished Business
Sun 17, 12.00pm, Ricky Manych
Fri 22, 8.00pm, Brentyn Irvine
Sat 23, 8.00pm, Bobby Barnes
Sun 24, 12.00pm, Brentyn Irvine
Fri 29, 8.00pm, Bradz Rock N Rhythm
Sat 30, 8.00pm, Red Betty


Sat 2, 8.00pm, Inexcess
Sun 3, 1pm-5pm, Bobby Barnes
Tues 5, 1 pm, Derek F Smith
Sun 10, 1-5pm, Derek F Smith
Sat 23, 8pm, Mick Lindsay
Sun 24,1-5pm, Ian Murray
Sat 30, 8pm, Made in the 80’s